Transform Your Skin With K-Beauty

Ultra V Line Treatment

Do You Want To Have A V-Shapped Face?

New Ultra V Line Treatment helps firm and restore elasticity to aging skin. It contains a Pepita Enzyme Mask (pumpkin seed), V Line lifting Gel and 24k Active Gold Collagen. The Ultra V Line Treatment remarkably firms skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, giving an instant lifting effect even after the first treatment.

  • Peptia Enzyme Mask Brightens Skin Tone

  • V Line Lifting Gel Gives Lifting Effect

  • 24k Active Gold Collagen Stimulates Elasticity And Circulation In The Skin

Ultra Oxygenic Treatment

Ultra Oxygenic Treatment provides stressed skin with plenty of oxygen to bring out skin’s best and keeps it looking younger. Ultra Oxygenic Treatment can prevent visible signs of aging and increase skin health. Your skin will be nourished and hydrated with an increase of blood circulation. The skins absorption abilites will increase your current products ability to keep your skin young and healthy.

  • Glowing By Removing Dead Skin Cells

  • Revitializing By Supplying Oxygen And Moisture

  • Brightening By Stimulating Skin Cell Turnover

  • Detoxifying By Getting Rid Of All Impirites In Pores